Thursday, March 9, 2017

No, it's Not Her Time

On a typical Saturday afternoon in my Dwelling Based Music College, I was instructing a Voice Class and my 96-12 months-previous mother was her normal self in her personal room-watching TV after having her breakfast and morning medications.

Earlier than I proceed, let me state that for an extended while now privately and in my local church I had been doing a Bible Examine on Mark 11:22-26.

It reads: Think about God. For verily I say unto you, that whosoever shall say unto this mountain be thou removed, and be thou forged into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, however shall believe that these issues which he saith shall come to cross; he shall have by any means he saith. Subsequently I say unto you, what things so ever you want, when ye pray, consider that ye receive them, and ye shall have them. And when ye stand praying, forgive, if ye have aught towards any; that your Father also which is in heaven might forgive you your trespasses. But when you do not forgive, neither will your Father which is in heaven forgive your trespasses."

It had gotten into my thoughts and into my spirit. I did not fully understand why I used to be studying on this particular scripture for such a long time and making it part of my everyday life.

Again to Saturday afternoon round 1:30pm I heard the " voice of God, literally the Holy Spirit " communicate in my interior ear a command to"verify on your Mom". It was so sudden and urgent till I had to transfer right then without query.

When I walked the ten steps to her room and opened her door, she was in her recliner in Respiratory Arrest (cessation of regular breathing) with Bradycardia (coronary heart charge of about 12 beats per minute).

I instantly cleared our home of any and all students and referred to as 911 and my husband who was at the kitchen desk to help me.

As soon as the Firemen and the Ambulance attendants arrived I used to be a nervous wreck.

But, I could solely say one phrase "No, it is not her time, she told me she was going to stay to be a hundred".

You see, Mother had simply celebrated her 96th birthday on June 30th and had prayed for the congregation at church and blessed everybody with a protracted life.

She said to me whereas eating a piece of her birthday cake that she was 96 and 97 was on the best way.

Mother is the Mom of the Faith Covenant Nationwide Church of God, Rochester, NY, The Akoma African American Ladies's Gospel Choir of Rochester, NY, who's the Founder of the Nona Patterson Chambers Scholarship. She is a Gospel Singer. She birthed 10 Kids. She had 2 daughters and one son alive to this point.

She is a Grandmother, Great grandmother, and a Nice Nice-grandmother.

She wished to reside.

However, it didn't matter how a lot she wanted to dwell. It didn't matter that she was the Mom of the Church. It did not matter about her having a large family who loves her very much. It didn't matter about her having the Nona Patterson Chambers Scholarship. It didn't even matter that I knew her wishes.

The Solely Thing That Really Mattered:

She had a "Dwelling Will" signed by an Lawyer giving me permission to stand within the gap for her when she was not in a position to communicate for her self.

Alive and properly

Mother is alive and nicely and has no signs of ever having the attack.

Medical doctors Amazed,

The docs have been all amazed and stated," we have by no means seen anyone regardless of age get better so quickly and completely as Mrs. Chambers. She is an amazing Girl of God and still has a work to do upon this earth.

Why tell this story?

If it had not been for my Mother's Residing will, I might have been unprepared to battle for her life. Statistics states that 7 out of 10 People don't have a Will of any sort.

We had only ready her will a year earlier than this occurred. God my Father in Heaven had led me to do the proper thing. He prepared us spiritually and physically for that Life Event.

Oh there was a lot of sickness but by no means to listen to the Physician say time and again that she only had 24 hours to stay and since she is ninety six years previous, just let her go.

Simply educating and informing on the significance of having an Updated Last Will and Testament, Living Will, Well being Care Professional

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