Thursday, October 4, 2012

Say Goodbye To the Men In Grey Suits

At one time, not too long ago the world of insurance was represented by a man in a grey suit carrying a briefcase. The man was ageless, without any distinguishing features and without any kind of personality worth mentioning. He was beyond bland, thoroughly non descript and utterly boring, just like the world of insurance was perceived to be. It stayed like this for generations, the man in the grey suit never changed, neither did the products the he offered, or the paperwork he pulled from his briefcase. Insurance was regarded as just one of those things you needed to sort out, a necessity, a part of life, nothing whatsoever to get excited about. You had to take the insurance package that most suited your needs, there was no tailoring of it to suit you as an individual, no adaptations or add-ons that could make it more attractive and there were certainly no bonuses or rewards for repeat custom. Thankfully finally the dull grey world of insurance has changed, and for the better.

Say Hello To

So what has replaced the grey man in the grey suit? Well the insurance representative of today is just as likely to be a woman as a man, someone who you can relate to, someone much like you or me because the world of insurance has been made much more accessible, much more friendly and much more personal. Today's insurance can be tailored to your needs, made to fit your lifestyle and suit your budget. Gone are the days of the one size fits all policy. Finally the dull grey world is moving with the times and listening to what consumers want, and what they want is something adaptable to their needs, products that are fit for purpose and ultimately products that they can rely on when they really need them. Let's face it our insurance is the only thing we have to fall back on when disaster strikes so we need to have confidence in the policies that we are paying for, and more importantly we need to be able to understand those policies.

The Ball is Rolling

It may have taken a while to get this big old grey ball rolling, but now that it has started there are new products constantly being brought onto the market. These new products appeal to both our needs and our pockets and can be adapted to suit our situations as our lifestyles change over time. Insurance was once something that was finite, set in stone and unchangeable. Now it is flexible and adaptive. Take one of the newest products for example - in the past something as radical and forward thinking as pay as you go insurance would have been unthinkable, and it would have been unworkable. Not anymore, now you can insure yourself for any vehicle for as little as twenty four hours at a time, which means no more monthly premiums, no annual amounts to budget for, and the freedom to do what you want when you want to. That poor grey man in the suit must be turning in his grey, regulation grave at the thought of it.

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