Thursday, August 2, 2012

North American Dealer Opportunity Selling Christian Metal Art

There are thousands of small business opportunities that promise the world, such as online businesses but in the end they are less than profitable. Face-to-face selling backed up by advertising is a time-proven way to sell your product and ask for referrals on the spot since people will forget to e-mail their post-sale referrals. The opportunity offered by Angels for Loved Ones doesn't promise anything but an uphill climb on the Stairway to Heaven that could work out for somebody well-known in the Christian community of his or her city.

Metal sculpture artist Todd Moore, the inventor and manufacturer of this new and original metal art device designed in the form of an angel is looking for distributor-dealers to place product into church retail shops, funeral homes, cemeteries, and through local advertising. Mr. Moore's company has a Marketing Consultant with two years sales experience in the bereavement sector, that being pre-need cemetery property and arrangements. For dealers who want a web site, Angels for Loved Ones can customize a web site and provide SEO connections.

The marketing advice includes how to set up a smooth business model and budget. Talkative people with many friends can turn out to be dynamic salespeople at times as many real estate people have found. Income from sales can be many times an hourly wage at a boring office job. In this case 90% of dealers will be trying this out as a part-time endeavor until a successful sales flow appears on the horizon.

Dynamic new products run into slow sales because they appeal to the first buyers as a novelty item they spot at a time they have some extra money burning a hole in their pockets. They will have never seen anything like this metal art: the clever angel unit includes a solar-powered candle that charges up by day and looks like an eternal flame at night. There is a clamping system to fix it onto stone and granite memorials so that the angel site above the grave, making the plot more visible in large crowded cemeteries.

Selling this type of product would appeal to real estate salespeople and those who have connections in churches. The novelty of a narrow-niche product can be overcome with an appeal to the spirituality and meaning attached. It is wonderful to honor those who have passed on with such beautiful Christian gifts as these angelic and durable ornaments for headstones and monuments of ancestors.

The hidden market for the angel product consists of people who would like a small shrine in the back yard, on the house or even clamped somewhere on a recreational vehicle to remember a dead relative and praise Jesus. A good salesman agrees with an objection and overcomes it by offering an alternative. If there's no family plot, the backyard shrine idea can be pushed, and so on. Until you can qualify the prospect to commit to having a place to put a piece of metal art that would also make perfect Christian Christmas gifts to cousins and in-laws, then it isn't the time to ask for the order. As soon as the customer says "I guess I could put it above the porch" or something solid, then it's time to close the deal - assume the sale, tell him first when the delivery will arrive then ask how he wants to pay. If the customer starts backing out, remind him that would be anti-Jesus and Lucifer's barbeque is still open for business.

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