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Instant payday loans-Get Instant Cash in a Tension Free Manner

Most of the salaried people in UK face various types of financial problems before their salary date. Problems like payments of bill, electricity bill, water, internet bill, telephone bill and expenses like car repairing, travel, medical, grocery expenses etc arise in the middle or end of the month. People need to solve all these problems instantly because any delay will increase the rate of interest. Instant payday loans are designed to provide monetary help to tackle up such financial problems which might arise before payment date.

This type of loan facility is especially meant for those salaried people in UK who are in full-time and part-time regular employment. All is need to do is to visit the respective website of a loan arranger to find out the best deal. To apply a simple online application form is to be filled up which will bear some personal details of the applicant. These details are kept secret and are not shared to any third party without the permission of the applicant.

There is no need to fax any type of document or proof along with the application form. At the same time, a loan arranger does not ask for any security and any collateral for granting such kind of monetary help. It is safe and secure and is available even for the people who are in debt for their bad credit history. Poor credit history of a person is no longer a barrier to avail such kind of loan facility.

People get immediate cash flow in their accounts and continuous support till their payment date to end all the financial odds. A number of time periods are available to repay the loan amount which depends on the capacity of the borrower to return the amount. Thus this type of loan facility is proofed to be an excellent way to solve problems arises due to cash crisis. All these facilities are provided by the loan arrangers at an affordable rate of interest which is far more better then the traditional money-lenders.

Instant payday loans are especially projected to those people who are in need of emergency cash to cope up with various types of financial problems that arise before salary date. In UK this type of monetary assistance is very popular because of their easy availability and instant cash flow. Once approved the cash amount is directly sent to the bank account of the account holder.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Semi Trucks, Big Rigs And Over The Road Trucks, Special Financing

Semi Trucks, Big Rigs and Over the Road Trucks special financing opportunities are available to the startup and seasoned businesses as this banking crisis continues Never before have we seen so many repo semi trucks available for special acquisition and financing, a lender's nightmare.

Banks are changing their lending requirements every month for new and seasoned businesses. Some have so many repos on their lot, they are trying to negotiate for the customers that are behind on payments not to return their trucks. They are deferring payments and trying to keep their banking business afloat in this tightening credit market All lending Markets are tightening their credit until they see what Congress will do with this liquidity meltdown. Truckers that want to acquire semi trucks, call your brokers, agents, lenders for details.

As of October 1,2008, start up and seasoned businesses have an unique opportunity to acquire an attractive deal for semi trucks, big rigs and over the road trucks. The first option, for the buyer,is to visit their local dealer and find their truck there. This is great place to start and obtain pertinent information that will be used later in the data gathering process. From there, it is recommended searching the internet and its mass volume of data that is available. The potential buyer can visit such sites as truck paper and trucktrader etc to view thousands of listings of trucks available across the United States. He is able to sort and sift through this vast data and should be able to find a truck, in any city and/or state across the U.S, that meets his acquisition requirements. Once he has located a source of trucks available to him, he is able to contact these sellers and negotiate a deal that might be able to meet his needs. Once he is agreed to a price and its particulars, his next hurdle is to find adequate financing in today's complex lending world of this commodity.
Today, the financing arena for semi trucks has become much smaller. Lenders, in the past, that use to finance this niche market have either pulled their portfolio funds out of this area or have modified its' lending requirements. It is not unheard of today that a start up business must commit to a down payment of between 10% - 30% of the acquisition cost of the truck to enter this market. The seasoned business with good credit might be able to get in as little as one payment down plus documents fees but must have either A or B Credit. Other seasoned businesses that don't meet these credit requirements, may be required to put up 10-20% down or either put up additional collateral as their credit scores fall below 600.

Most buyers don't enjoy these tightening financial requirements, are locked out of this market, and will start looking for alternatives that are available due to market conditions. In addition to the market requirements of substantial monies due upfront, the conventional lender has modified his risk/reward factor for the failure and possible repossession of these trucks. Therefore, the rate and/or interest factor that the lender charges has gone up making it a bigger challenge to complete the financing end once the want to be buyer locates his acquisition.... As of October 1, 2008, the last three months, the lending rates have gone higher even though the federal fund rates have gone down.

As the economy has weakened due to market conditions, including diesel gas reaching .00 or more per gallon in certain states in the past months, the route of conventional financing has changed as we know it. The lender has acquired another problem that makes their equation a little more complicated. In the past year as the price of food has gone up, the real estate markets have taken a toll for the worse and other world factors have caused the banks to be more unstable, the trucking industry has become more volatile. As the increase of defaults on the payments of over the road trucks, semis etc have risen to all time highs, the lenders have been taking back these trucks by the droves that are earmarked as repossessions. This has caused a problem with normal lending practices and trying to balance it with a non producing income portfolio. If these lenders don't act swiftly and prudently, the combination of these two type of portfolios can be devastating to the lenders' bottom line. A third factor to consider is the off lease truck. These trucks are being returned to the lender and they must act accordingly with this third factor.By definition, an off lease semi truck, over the road truck, big rig etc has been returned to the lender as the lease has expired. The lessee has made a decision to return the item in lieu of exercising the buyout option. A repossession is different than an off lease because it has arisen due to a default of the lessee for non payment terms or a violation of the terms of the lease. Either way, the lender has taken these trucks back and/and now must recondition these trucks and either sell these trucks or re-lease them.

The lender can either advertise their off lease and repo inventories through their internal sales force, trade journals such as truck paper, truck trader etc or utilize outside professionals such as brokers to move their inventories as quick as possible. Sometimes, as these inventories either sit or whatever reasons aren't moving, the lender will put these items up for auction.At the present time, the lenders have two different types of financing portfolios to consider and must act accordingly.

Normal lending on new business deals still require stringent lending practices based upon the credit markets and the risk/reward factors lenders perceive out there in the financial markets. The second type of portfolio, for the off lease and repos, require possibility a more lenient approach to liquidating their inventories prudently and recreating the income stream for the lenders. This will be discussed below.Today, some of the lenders in the financial market have advertised personal credit qualifications as low as 600, prior bankruptcy rules amended or ignored, and start up businesses welcome. Additionally, the front money to commence a lease can start as low as first payment only to whatever you might able to negotiate. Some of the lenders have application only programs up to 0,000. There are no financial statements,income tax returns or bank statements required. Additionally, some lenders may defer some of payments to get the semi trucks financed.

The buyout clauses on these over the road trucks can range from a .00 buyout to 10% to 20%, Trac leases to possible fair market value buyouts. One should understand these clauses because they have an impact on the passing of title.These favorable financial arrangements by the lender has stimulated the buyers wants and needs to either enter the trucking industry as an owner operator and/or possibility an expansion of a existing business. First Time buyers, whom were locked out of this market in the past, now has an unique opportunity to earn more revenue by acquiring a truck for himself. A ,000 over the road truck might require as little as 00 down to commence the financial obligation. Other lenders that might have required up to 30% down in the past might accept as little as 10% to acquire one of their repos and/or off leases.....Additionally, some lenders may offer favorable monthly payment terms vs standard lending to acquire their off lease and repos vs. the buyer looking to acquire a truck at a dealership..

For this article, potential deals for over the road trucks, semi trucks and big rigs for the customers relate to the following manufacturers: Petebilt, Mack, Kenworth, International, Freightliner, and Volvo.

In conclusion, this is a buyer's market for semi trucks, big rigs and over the road trucks. One should evaluate all the factors relating to this acquisition including gas costs, air emissions, environmental type requirements.,buyout clauses acquisition costs and its related financing. Additionally, there are two distinct financing markets out there, one for the normal acquisition from the dealership and the possibility of acquiring a repo and off lease from a lender at favorable market and financing terms. As always it is advisable, if possible, to locate financing prior to truck shopping, it could save a lot of time and stress.

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Significance Of Cash Flow For Small Businesses

Cash flow is one of the most significant features for running small businesses. It is one of the single most crucial reasons why many businesses fail , regardless of how good the business is. Managing cash flow is critically important in the smooth running, survival and success of any small business. This action will look at what cash flow is, and use some examples to show how cash flow can make the difference between success and failure. Failure meaning collapsing in business. If you are penniless then you are unable to pay your debts. A lot of us often use the term bankrupt' to depict this but strictly, only an individual can be declared bankrupt, which can cause a small business to go bankrupt. Small businesses are declared as in debt. The principle however is the same. Some businesses deal with so-called personal insolvency' which in effect means bankruptcy so the use of the terms can sometimes be perplexing.

Ever heard of a trade network? Here's how it works. Let's suppose a Business A wants to open a booth at an exhibition but it needs cash to do so. Business A has broken-down mechanic equipment that Business B is interested in fixing and selling. After selling the equipment he can use the cash as bartering dollars to pay for another network member's Business C display booth. Trading is an excellent means to conserve cash and it can really pay off, quite literally.

So many small businesses bill clients on a 30-day cycle. But if you have to pay your workers twice a month, this can cause cash-flow difficulties. Instead invoicing clients twice a month , One company did so and reported that more than 90% of its clients didn't mind the change because it still allowed them 30 days to pay. Another issue is bad credit and for that an effective way to prevent it, is to send pre-lien notifications to each customer on all jobs over and above a certain sum , lets' suppose 3000 dollars The notices should state that the small business is protecting its right to place a lien on the merchandise that was purchased if the bill isn't paid within the pre-set time. One large company reports that after sending out the notice, bad debt shrunk by 0,000 in the 8 to 10 months.

To increase cash flow merchant cash advance can help make a bridge leading to a successful business.

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All About Credit Control

New business owners around this Planet have the common habit of offering credits to many customers without any credit management or control. They offer these unlimited credits as they think that they will be able to get more business. While it is true that providing credit to the customers will bring in increased sales, it has to be noted that you should to have some kind of control over the credits or else you won't be having enough funds to move forward with your business. In another scenario, many people have a misconception that the Global market and the economic conditions are not related to their small business in any means. Due to this many people spend the money uncontrollably without knowing where the current market has headed to. The true fact is that the Global economy is closely related to the small businesses and even the personal finance of every individual. Hence with the nose dived economic conditions, the financial conditions of the small businesses are subject to extreme danger. Hence it is very much essential to have a credit control to secure your finances. Just keep reading on the article to know more about effective credit control.

Checking the References before offering credit to the customers

Virtually, no business can operate without offering some kinda credit to the customers. For the moment of truth, offering credit to the customers is no harm at all provided, you get the payment from the customers in time. This is where credit control comes into play. As a part of credit control, you should demand some references form the customers seeking credit from you. The referees should b able to provide the information about the customer's trading name and address, the period of time they have dealt with the customer and what credit period they gave the customer and whether they get paid on time. Once you get the answer for the above mentioned questions, you will be able to decide whether to or not to provide credit to the particular customer. This method of credit control will help you to avoid fraudsters and will prevent you from loosing potential clients. Hence the referral method is widely used today as a part of credit control.

Credit Control Actions to be taken everyday

There are some credit control actions that can be taken everyday. For example, if your customer exceeds the credit limit, you can alert them by ringing them. By doing so, you can insist the customers to pay the old credit before continuing business with them. You should also check and arrange the unpaid invoices regularly in date order so that you can refer them quickly whenever needed.

Jobs in Credit Control

With the nose dived economic conditions, there are many job opportunities available today for credit control. If you are experienced in providing very effective credit control solutions, you can opt for the credit control jobs available today. Finding the credit control jobs is very easy today. There are countless numbers of credit control jobs open out there.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Getting Personal Loans With Bankruptcy On Your Record: Easier Than You May Think

Bankruptcy is one of the worst things you may do to lose trust of lenders. While it is a great relief for people who were struggling to meet their obligations, it does not help to obtain future financing at all. Bankruptcy on a credit report shows potential lenders that a borrower has once walked away from financial obligations causing lenders who loaned their money to suffer losses. Rebuilding a reputation after bankruptcy is a difficult, but feasible task, requiring time, effort, and patience. However, with proper approach it may help a borrower to access a full range of lending products once again.

Understanding the Process Is Important

To better see how post-bankruptcy lending works, it is important to take a look at your credit profile through the eyes of potential lenders. Banks are in business of loaning money and lending to them is a matter of statistics showing potential revenues and losses. It is quite obvious that lending institutions do want to maximize their earnings and are not eager to lose money. That is why a bankruptcy on your record is a stop factor to many lenders.

The good news is that your credit file is not the only thing factored in when underwriting a loan. Many lenders may loan money to people with recent bankruptcy on their record with less worries due to a couple of factors. First, recently discharged bankruptcy means that there are very few debts a borrowed would have to service, if any. Also, laws do not allow filing bankruptcy frequently. These two factors alone make people with bankruptcy on their record good candidates for short-term loans.

Stable job is another important underwriting factor. Proof of steady employment resulting in stable income means to lenders your ability to repay loan proceeds. In case of loan default a lender would have the opportunity to garnish your wages to recover the losses. Your clean slate after bankruptcy along with solid employment is a good money-making opportunity for many lenders, since they charge hefty interest on loans for people with bad credit. While this is no good news to you at all, meaning higher borrowing costs, it does allow you to borrow money to fund your life activities.

Cosigners and Collateral Are Great Bargaining Points

A high risk of default caused by negative credit history may be easily offset with presence of collateral. Many people still own a home or a car after filing a bankruptcy. Both of these are sufficient to give your lender an added piece of mind when it comes to minimizing risks of losses. Pledging collateral enables borrowers with worst credit scores possible to borrow money. Using a cosigner is another great way to improve your chances of getting a loan. When banks see a signature of a person with good history of payments on a loan application, they are more willing to lend money to you. Anybody could serve as a cosigner, as long as he or she has a good credit history and is willing and able to take over your payments should you fail to make them.

Recovering From Bankruptcy Is a Lengthy Process

Rebuilding credit after bankruptcy is a long way to go. Be prepared to make a lot of effort to show your current and potential lenders that you have learned your lesson of ruining your credit. No matter what the reason was for you to file bankruptcy, it is time now to start rebuilding your relationships with banks, slowly but surely. Making small steps and taking it slowly is the best recommendation. Looking back at the reasons that forced you to go bankrupt and reevaluating your past behavior is the best way to re-establish your credit, avoiding past mistakes.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Why Trade Leveraged And Inverse Etfs

What are Exchange Traded Funds?

Exchange Trade Funds (ETFs) are cousins of mutual funds. They correspond to baskets of stock that are bought and sold like stocks. Generally, there is a one day delay after a sell order is placed on a mutual fund; ETF sell orders are executed immediately during hours. During a market crash this difference could be significant. There are other advantages. Except for brokerage fees for trading ETFs, there are none of the maintenance fees associated with mutual funds. Also, there are no loads [penalties] associated with opening a mutual fund account.

What is a Leveraged ETF?

Over the past few years, a new class of ETFs has emerged - leveraged ETFs. To help you to understand leverage, let's use an example: Let's say we have two equities, ABC and XYZ. For every change in the price of ABC, the price of XYZ changes double the percent move in the price of ABC. If ABC were to change 5% then XYZ would change 10%. Notice this does not imply if ABC were to change by one dollar that XYZ would change by two dollars. It's the percent change that matters, not the dollar amount.

In the past, it was common for investors to employ margin in their NON IRA accounts. You are not permitted to use margin in an IRA account. Margin let's you borrow money from your broker at a percentage rate. Once the margin account is opened and operational, you can borrow up to 50% of the purchase price of a stock.

Here's an example. Let's say you want to buy ,000 worth of Company A stock, 50% of it on margin. That means you need to have at least ,000 cash in your account, allowing you to borrow the other ,000. Just like a bank, your broker will charge you interest on the loan. Rates vary between firms and can depend on the balance in your account as well as the current interest-rate environment.

In the past you had to use margin in order to obtain leverage in your NON IRA account. Leveraged ETFs are structured so that no fee is involved. Generally, when you find a leveraged ETF its underlying ETF is a broad-based index.

For example, SPX is an ETF that represents the S&P 500. SSO also represents the S&P 500. However, it is leveraged 2:1 compared to SPX. That means that if SPX goes up 2%, then SSO goes up 4%. You get the leverage you are after without borrowing from your broker. Additional fees are not incurred. Furthermore, buying these leveraged ETFs is allowed in an IRA account.

This chart compares the ear-to-date performance of SPX versus SSO. SPX has a gain of 3.77% while SSO has gained 8.13%.

Another example of a leveraged ETF is UWM. UWM moves twice the percentage move of IWM. By the way, IWM is the Russell 2000. The Russell 2000 is made up of two-thousand stocks and represents a broad portion of the stock market.

Want more leverage on IWM? Buy TNA and get three times the move of IWM.

What is an Inverse ETF?

Another new class of ETFs has emerged, called inverse ETFs. An example of an inverse ETF is TWM. TWM represents the Russell 2000 but it moves inverse to IWM. For example, if IWM goes DOWN 2%, then TWM goes UP 4%. Now you can play a down market even in your IRA

This 3 year chart displays the leveraged UWM with its inverse TWM. When one goes up the other goes down.

Want more inverse leverage? Use TZA. TZA is an inverse ETF that represents IWM, (Russell 2000). If IWM goes down 3%, TZA goes UP 9%. During the market collapse in 2008, those who held TZA made a fortune.

Why Use Leveraged and Inverse ETFs?

You might think trading leveraged ETFs is dangerous. However, as I mentioned above, they correspond to broad-based indexes. In comparison to trading stocks, these are much better behaved. Even stalwart stocks like GE have lost fortunes for their investors over the past few years. There are dozens of stocks that we all know which behaved similarly. Buying stocks means that you have to be a good stock picker.

How many of us are good stock picker's? I know I'm not. Usually investors pick stocks because of company news. Unfortunately, by the time you learn the news, half the world already knows about it. Of course, you can make a good profit by choosing a winner. Instead, many prefer leveraged ETFs, both for their safety and profit potential.

The government discourages investors from shorting the market. In a down market, those with retirement accounts had only two choices: either staying cash and be protected or hold your investment and watch its value diminish.

Inverse ETFs solve this problem. In a falling market you can close your long positions and buy inverse ETFs like UWM.


The most important reason for trading in bear markets has to do with compounding. To keep things simple, let's assume the market is bullish half the time and bearish half the time. In addition, assume we gain 5% in consecutive periods. The net profit if you had only traded in the bull market would be 5%. However, if you had traded in both periods your net profit would not be 10%. It would be 10.25% because of compounding. Over time, the small difference would become significant.

How to Trade Leveraged and Inverse ETFs

I use three guide posts to trade these ETFs: a good market timer, an entry condition to ensure the ETF is moving in the same direction as the market and sound money management. Collectively, these three principals have eliminated draw-downs associated with leveraged ETFs. As a result, I've been able to sleep well at night while generating good profits during the day.

You can tell by these charts that leveraged ETFs are significantly more volatile than their underlying broad-based indexes. You will not succeed if you try to apply your trading strategy to them. Instead, keep applying it to the index. Simply trade the leveraged instead of the index.

Investigate Specialty Non Profit Accounting Software

Intended to match an NFP budget, not for profit bookkeeping software additionally fits all technical requirements of such non profits. Most are aware that this is the main concern of an NFP administrator, who frequently has to discard many business solutions as they are just not affordable, but is still stuck trying to figure out how to run the organization with the best software and other resources possible.

Often an impossible task, finding appropriate techniques that work with an NFP budget is possible through specifically created software that non profits will find most beneficial. Possibly the best solution when looking for exactly the right software would be to perform a search online and then compare several software programs. To start with, it is likely that you have discarded professional bookkeeping packages used in business because they are just too expensive. Functions that these software applications contain additionally will not be something you need or could use in any way. Many require an accountant with considerable expertise to handle them, someone you just won't be able to afford to hire or contract. These professional programs include general spreadsheet applications - some are open source and so are free of charge, but still require the expert operator. Conversely, less expensive packages like those used for personal finance don't have all the features you need to perform the functions of a full NFP organization. Because of this information, it's easy to see that an NFP targeted software package that targets both functionality and price is a remarkable solution.

Let's look at the benefits a bit more closely. Generally, any software program that is targeting a non profit will have all the features needed for that form of business. Additional features that will be of no use to you will likely not be included into the package so no need to concern yourself with paying for something you will not use. However, it will do everything you need. An important part of this application over straight accounting packages is that it will also include the necessary tax information you will need for your yearly filing. This is particularly important for NFP's to make sure that they continually be entitled to their non profit status. The next feature is that the software is extremely easy to use. It will have intelligent advisors to guide neophytes through the necessary steps of NFP accounting, and make sure that there are no errors or omissions in key information or forms. This lessens the required expertise of the person hired to perform the bookkeeping, and his requisite salary. In fact, it allows an NFP to easily use the standard trick of having each employee wear many hats and let almost any person step in and perform the necessary advanced accounting easily.

This NFP software is commonly run online rather than having to download a difficult program, which is another terrific benefit of these packages. No maintaining accounting software, no upgrading, downloading or installing whatsoever, as these NFP programs are run online and maintained by the software company. No need for an expensive computer either, this software is fully accessible on the web through a web browser, all calculations and storage is maintained by the software company's server as well. This allows advanced computing to be performed on many types of aged and out-of-date computers. The non profit does not essentially have to own a computer, as these web browser based software programs can be run from anywhere, in fact.

If you are an NFP on a budget who still requires professional level bookkeeping, be sure to investigate one of the specialty companies that produce software specifically for charitable groups.

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Paye P45 Form Tax Questions and New Employee P45 Forms

1. A new employer should ask a new employee to copmplete a P46 form if that employee does not have a P45. The P46 form is used to obtain the employee details and should be sent to the local PAYE tax office on the date employment starts. If the employee has ticked box A or B the employer can retain the P46 until the new employee earnings reach the lower earnings limit.

2. P45 forms are in four parts, part 1 is retained by the issuing employer and the employee retains part 1 A and should hand parts 2 and 3 to the new employer. The new employer cannot use the P45 tax details unless both parts are handed over. If either part 2 or 3 of the P45 form is missing then the employee must be asked to complete the Inland Revenue P46 form.

3. The employer retains part 2 and enters details of the employee and previous earnings, tax deducted and tax code into the PAYE records. Part 3 is sent to the PAYE tax office

4. A new employee may hand an employer two P45 forms in which case send both part 3 to the PAYE tax office and use the P45 tax form showing the highest earnings for the PAYE records. If the employer is uncertain contact the PAYE tax office for advice.

5. HMRC tax office issue a P6 form after receiiving the P46 form which advises the employer which tax code is to be used. If the employee produces a P45 late but received prior to receiving the P6 from HMRC an employer should use the tax code, earnings and tax paid to date as shown on the P45, providing the form contains a leaving date in the current financial year. If the P6 form has already been received from the tax office then the P45 is irrelevant, filed and ignored for tax purposes.

6. If there is a time difference between the leaving date and new start date the first pay date may result in a tax refund. It is important to check previous income tax deducted was correct. The employer should ask the new employee for details of earnings since the P45 leaving date, for example, the employee may have been registered unemployed and received payments which would affect the tax refund and the social services would be issuing an updated P45 showing the cumulative earnings to date.

7. If the leaving date is different to the week or month number shown on the P45 tax is calculated by using that week or month number for your employer PAYE records but also check that the income tax deducted is correct.

8. When an employee is paid by a new employer in the same pay period as the previous employer, which can happen for example when a previous employer paid weekly and the new employer monthly, the tax deducted may well be higher than normal due to the previous employer already taking account of the employee personal allowance.

9. There are circumstances when a different tax code to that shown on the form may be applicable. If the P45 was dated before 7 September 2008 and the employee joins after 7 September add 60 to the tax code ending with tax code suffix L. For example 543L would be changed to 603L. No change is required if the P45 was dated after 7 September 2008.

If the employees P45 is from the previous tax year the in addition to using the tax code stated that employee should also be put on the emergency code, week one, month one basis using the tax code 543L prior to 7 September and 603l after.

10. The P45 forms can be submitted to the PAYE tax office online provided the employer is registered with HMRC to file PAYE forms online. HMRC provide free online return services for online submissions.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Administrative Support Resume - Accomplishments Are Key

Writing an administrative support resume? Gain a competitive edge by including professional accomplishments that will motivate employers to call. A former recruiter identifies 5 questions to ask yourself when preparing your resume.

Coming up with relevant professional accomplishments for use on a resume is not always easy. That's especially true if you're writing a clerical or administrative support resume, as much of the job of administrative or office support doesn't lend itself to the kind of over-the-top accomplishments that move the earth and win wars. Still, professional accomplishments are necessary: they breathe life into a resume, and provide an opportunity to get a leg up on your competition.

Help in Identifying Accomplishments for your Administrative Support Resume

If you find yourself staring into space while trying to come up with accomplishments for a clerical or administrative support resume, you've got plenty of company. But shaking free of writers' block is often as simple as forcing yourself to think beyond the everyday duties you perform. Here are some probing questions to ask yourself to get you started.

Did you improve the filing system for the office? If so, an accomplishment might sound like: Designed and implemented an improved file management system that reduced file backlog from three days to one.

Were you the point person in an office startup or expansion? If so, a resume accomplishment might sound like: Established office procedures supporting a doubling in medical staff with no subsequent increase in support personnel.

Did you have a hand in improving the efficiency or speed of office procedures? If so, an accomplishment might sound like: Developed a tracking and call-back system for delinquent accounts that reduced A/R collection period by 75%.

Did you save your company money? If so, an accomplishment might sound like: Reduced annual insurance expenses ,000 by re-negotiating malpractice, health and disability insurance policies.

Were you involved in the transition of something technical? If so, an accomplishment might sound like: Upgraded and migrated 6 office computers to a UNIX-based platform.

Did you receive training, or did you initiate a learning experience outside your job description? If so, an accomplishment might sound like: Enrolled in evening university classes (labor and employment law) to better assist legal staff in case work.

Were you recognized for exemplary performance? If so, a resume accomplishment might sound like: Received numerous customer comments and correspondence--as well as a company bonus--in recognition for exemplary customer service.

Your Administrative Support Resume - Target Your Next Job

Once you've asked the questions and identified a number of accomplishments that will look good on the resume, make sure those accomplishments speak directly to the kind of position you're seeking. If the position opening has been posted or otherwise advertised, you can glean loads of information from the job description that will help you target your resume like a laser beam.

Finally, if your paper is still blank after these exercises, make a commitment this day to begin keeping a journal of the contributions you make to your company. Remembered and recorded, professional accomplishments will serve you long after the initial accolades.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Gps Land Surveys

GPS Land surveying is a scientific method of determining, analyzing as well as evaluating the terrestrial or 3D space position of points and the distances with angles between them. It offers the advantages of higher accuracy of survey data and rapid project turnaround. The land surveying firms use Global Positioning System (GPS) as a tool for land surveys to precisely identify the positioning of points. Global Positioning System (GPS) land surveying tool operates directly through satellites which emit signals to the land based sophisticated satellite receivers. The satellite receiver then transmits those signals to the data collector, which stores the data in it. After the data has been received, the company downloads the data into the computer and the computer software resolves the position of the points within a few millimeters. It effectively assists in the subdivision of land, research and interpretation of survey plans, road boundary realignment, building development, etc.

To accomplish objectives of land surveying, land planning and surveying companies and their land surveyors use the elements of geometry, engineering, trigonometry, mathematics, and physics. The land planning and surveying companies offer GPS tools to successfully understand and identify the terrestrial points for their customers. GPS is used for more precise recording, like grid layouts, excavation plans and topographical surveys, where high level of accuracy up to millimeter is required. The GPS land surveying technique helps in real estate, development, engineering, telecommunications, and environmental industries, both in the public and private sector as well.

Global Positioning System (GPS) land surveys are used to study the surface, shape as well as features and boundaries of the land. It provides the meticulous descriptions and survey plans of the features including vegetation cover and elevations, etc through points on maps. The result of GPS land survey is the pictorial representation that allows the land surveyors' to offer exact 3D drawings that can save time and money for building design or environmental projects. Perfect measurement and accumulation of these graphic positions is one of the fundamental elements of GPS land surveying. The benefit of GPS land surveying is that it is much more accurate than hand-measuring or other traditional equipments.

GPS land surveys assist engineers, building contractors and architects through GeoTracker reporting, construction staking and earth quantity calculations. It also helps planners to identify the features on given land surface and any special location in terms of coordinates. There are various other land surveying techniques involved in the procedure of land surveying like: ALTA / ACSM Land Title Surveys (ALTA Surveys), High-Definition Surveying - HDS (3D Laser Scanning), Topographic Surveys, Environmental Surveys, and Geodetic Survey.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Why People Want To Buy A Villa In Cyprus?

Cyprus is situated in north east portion of Mediterranean Sea. It is considered as the third biggest island in Mediterranean. Being populated with millions of people, the island happens to be the hottest destination in the planet today. It has a lot of attractions to see and there are many things to do. So, tourists can have a gala time in Cyprus. They can see the beaches, coastlines, towns, villages and mountain peaks embraced with pine trees and much more by just a few minutes car drive from the island country. The climate is also superb in this part of the world. Cyprus experiences short and mild winters and long warm summers. It is a beautiful place. So, do you want to buy a house, bungalow, land or villa in Cyprus in order to enjoy the wonderful climatic condition and landscape beauties of it?

However, it is not only the perfect climatic condition and the landscape beauties that are alluring people from all over the world to buy an apartment or luxury villa in Cyprus. There are many other reasons that have or are tempting people to purchase land or properties in Cyprus. Read below to know the advantages of buying lands or houses in this island.

Low Property Cost

The main reason is the cost of the property. Buying houses or lands in this island is very much an affordable affair. The cost of buying villas, apartments or other forms of properties happens to be 30% lesser than the price of the properties in other European nations like France, Germany and Spain.

UK Based Legal System

The legal system of Cyprus is UK based. This UK based legal system is of great benefit to the people wanting to buy luxury homes Cyprus because the UK based legal system has a very advanced and reliable Land Registry system. So, with this legal system buying of villas, lands or apartments or any other Cyprus properties has become a very easy, smooth and secure affair for people. The issuing of title deeds is also easy in Cyprus in comparison to other European nations.

Low Crime Rate And Low Cost Of Living

The island country is considered a much undisturbed place than Spain, France or other European nations because the rate of crime here is about 20% less. People living here can take pleasure in a high European standard of living by spending very less. For instance, a couple can live a very comfortable lifestyle by spending just 10,000 pounds every year while staying in a villa in Cyprus.

There are many real estate companies in Cyprus that can help you buy the property that you want. You just need to get in touch with a reputed and reliable real estate company for this. Your buying process would be much easy when you hire the services of any of these firms for your purpose.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Repair Bad Credit And Improve Your Quality Of Life

As part of the ongoing effects of the recent global economic crisis, lenders have strengthened requirements for borrowers, making it even more difficult to obtain financing to buy a home, start a business or make necessary purchases. This has created a situation where many potential borrowers who may have been able to qualify for loans in the past could now be turned down, particularly those with bad credit.

In Australia, the credit reporting system is based solely on negative marks, which means that only bad credit is shown on your credit file. Additionally, these blemishes may stay with you for up to seven years, meaning that each time a potential lender runs a credit check, they will see every court judgment, default, past due and bad check, as well as any enquiries or bankruptcies that may have taken place during that period. This can make obtaining a credit check a stressful experience and can, in some cases, make it impossible to borrow funds. This is also why so many consumers cringe when a conversation turns to topics like the Credit Reference Association of Australia.

To complicate things further, simply paying off a defaulted account is not cause for its removal from your file. While the debt will be listed as paid, it can still affect your ability to obtain credit throughout the reporting period. Having an impaired credit status, whether still in default or marked as paid off, can make obtaining any type of loan or credit line more difficult and can result in paying more than five times the interest rate charged to borrowers who do not have credit issues.

Fortunately, there are ways to repair bad credit and take away the angst connected to hearing mention of the Credit Reference Association of Australia. Some negative listings that come up on your file when a lender performs a credit check may be unfair or disputable. If this is the case, a credit repair company can assist you in obtaining the knowledge you need to remove negative marks on your credit report and to end your fear of the Credit Reference Association of Australia forever.

If you believe you have contestable or unfair negative information on your credit file, speak to a consultant at Malouf Group Enterprises to learn how we can help.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

No Collateral Loans For People With Bad Credit?

Many wonder whether it is possible for someone with bad credit to obtain financing without collateral. Truth is that for those with bad credit, secured loans are the best choice since the risk that bad credit implies is compensated by the guarantee secured loans include. Thus the chances of approval are increased by applying for secured loans. Yet it is possible to obtain unsecured loans with bad credit if you know where to look.

The key to obtaining unsecured financing with bad credit is to reduce the risk that lending to you implies either by improving your credit or by offering another kind of guarantee of repayment. In any case, it is also essential that you know where to look as traditional finance sources seldom deal with loans for people with bad credit, let alone unsecured loans.

Risk Reduction Explained

Unsecured loans have harsher credit requirements for approval due to the fact that there is no collateral guaranteeing repayment of the loan and thus, the lender is taking a higher risk by lending the money. That's why it is important to reduce the risk implied in the financial transaction to guarantee both approval and advantageous loan terms.

The most effective way to obtain approval that will also have long time benefits is to pursue a credit improvement program. Avoiding late payments and missed payments for a period of time of no less than six months can do a lot towards improving your credit. However, when time is not available and you need financing there are other ways to obtain approval even with bad credit.

No Collateral Guarantee Of Repayment

As explained above, some form of guarantee of repayment is needed to reduce the risk implied on unsecured lending in order to compensate for the bad credit of the applicant. And given that these loans are unsecured and no collateral is available, a non-collateral guarantee of repayment will be needed in order to boost approval chances.

The best alternative to collateral is thus, applying with the aid of a co-signer that features a good credit history on the credit report. A co-signer is obliged to the repayment of the loan just like the main borrower and in the event of default, he would be forced to continue repayment or the lender is entitled to take legal action against him also.

Non Traditional Lenders

Seldom banks and traditional lenders will be willing to consider approving an unsecured loan for a bad credit applicant. Thus, in order to obtain finance you will have to resort to non traditional lenders you can find by doing a quick search on the net for bad credit unsecured loans. Just remember to consult several lenders so as to compare their loans.

You can always request loan quotes or contact them informally making sure that your credit report is not pulled in order to avoid too many credit verifications that might affect your credit score negatively. Once you have decided which lender you want to work with, fill the online application or contact them telephonically in order to apply for your desired loan.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

What Moves The Forex Markets?

Investors in any market, be it securities or currencies, want to know what causes price fluctuations so they can predict when these may occur and make a profit. While stock investors research publicly traded corporations to make trading decisions, those trading Forex must consider what influences the currency exchange rates between nations. Forex can be volatile with significant fluctuations in short term prices, so it is especially important for the Forex trader to understand what drives these movements.

The Forex markets trade 24 hours a day between Sunday and Friday afternoon and the Forex market is very volatile. Just as with equities, pricing on the Forex is influenced by economic and political factors of each nations base currency. The U.S. dollar is used to back 90% of all the transactions on the Forex market and as the US economy plays such a significant role in the world economy, economic data released by the government will affect the market prices. Below are some of the prime economic news releases that Forex traders tend to look at when determining whether or not to enter a position:

1. Interest Rate Decisions
2. GDP rate increase/decrease
3. Unemployment data
4. Inflation: Consumer/Produce price
5. Retail Sales
6. Consumer Confidence Surveys
7. Business Confidence Surveys
8. Trade Balance
9. Manufacturing Confidence Surveys

However, while all of these news releases no doubt play a short term role in price movements on the Forex and other financial markets, their influence is very temporary and the prices can be short lived, hence the volatile nature of the market can make trading these instruments vert challenging.

There is another factor of course that does play a role in the movements of all financial markets and that is human behavior. Indeed, Psychology is a very significant factor in any investment decision and its effects can be studied in financial charts. Four human emotions play very big roles in the price movements on the Forex:

Greed Fear Faith Hope Greed compels even technical traders to ignore profit targets and chase a trend too far or too add to a position which can drive prices.

Fear of loss is a very common human emotion and it definitely causes many traders & investors to hold on to a losing position rather than exit for a loss. Stop Loss orders being triggered can also drive prices if they provide substantial liquidity, such as those from large institutions.

Faith - is a process where trader has such a strong belief in their trade that they just blindly hold on.

Hope, is where a trader is normally to scared to close out a losing position and just hopes it comes back. Frequently these traders will even add to a losing position, 'hoping' to make up some losses.

Technical analysis can also factor into price movements as this is part of pattern behavior, where people will react to certain patterns. Consider that if most traders are looking for the same patterns, then it is likely that price action movements will occur from those patterns, such as 50EMA hit etc.

So essentially, the market moves based on a mix of news, human psychology and technical analysis and pattern traders.

Friday, May 11, 2012

The Last Nizam Of Hyderabad

Osman Ali Khan Asaf Jah VII was the last Nizam of the princely state of Hyderabad who ruled Hyderabad from 1911 to 1948. Hyderabad under his rule witnessed many cultural, economic and administrative reforms. Although praised for many of his developments, he is very infamous for his Razakar movement where he was accused of spreading violence.
Born to Mir Mahboob Ali Khan Asaf Jah VI, Osman Ali Khan became apparent heir to the throne of Hyderabad after death of his elder brother in 1887. Many eminent scholars were engaged to teach him Urdu, Persian, and English. He was a great scholar and wrote poetry in Persian and Urdu.

Richest man in the world:

Mir Osman Ali Khan succeeded his father Mir Mahboob Ali Khan on his death in 1911. The state of Hyderabad was the largest of the princely states with an area of 86,000 square miles or 2,23,000 sq.kms, which is nearly the size of today's United Kingdom. Nizam was considered as the richest man during his days. He is Fifth on Forbes All Time Wealthiest' list of 2008. He was even featured on the cover of the 1937 Time' magazine. It was estimated that he had billion fortune in early 1940s.

Developments under his rule:
One of Nizam's first assignments after he ascended to throne was to take Mokshagundam Visweswaraiah's advice on how to control the floods and use the excess floodwater. He undertook work of embankment of the Musi River and constructed Osman Sagar and Himayat Sagar Dams at Gandipet on Visweswaraiah's advice. It was because of his foresight and commitment to the welfare of his people, old city suffered minimum damage in the recent floods. He also undertook some irrigation projects on the Tungabhadra River.

It is said that upto 11 percent of the Nizam's budget was spent on education. He set up many schools, colleges, universities including Osmania University and even a Department for Translation'. He made primary education compulsory and provided free of cost education to the weaker sections of the society. He made immense donations to many institutions such as the Jamia Nizamia, the Darul Uloom Deoband, the Banaras Hindu University and even to some universities abroad.

The Nizam was responsible for starting earliest public sector undertakings such as Nizam Sugar Factory and Singareni Collieries. He set up the City Improvement Board' and replaced slums with planned colonies.

Mir Osman Ali Khan started his own bank called the Hyderabad State Bank', which is now referred as State Bank of Hyderabad. Hyderabad was the only state which had its own currency, the Hyderabadi rupee, in British India.

During his reign, many major buildings like Osmania General Hospital, Andhra Pradesh High Court, Asafiya Library (State Central Library), Town Hall (Assembly Hall), Jubilee Hall, Hyderabad Museum (State Museum), and the magnificent Hyderabad House at New Delhi were built.

Mir Osman Ali Khan was one of the great rulers of Hyderabad, who initiated many development programs in Hyderabad. Developments under his rule speak out his passion to serve the people. Despite of his major contribution to the developments in Hyderabad, he is often criticized for his only ambitious desire of becoming independent with the help of Razakars. Mir Osman Ali Khan died on 24th February, 1967.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Top Three Methods To Get Your Home Sold

If you are trying to sell your house, you can probably recite the three ways you can sell a property. You are aware of them because you are knee-deep in the selling process. However, if you are just at the beginning stages of putting your house on the market, you may have questions about the three methods and which one will be the right one for you. Here is some quick information on the three ways and you can make the final decision based on these facts.

Real Estate Agent/Broker- This is the most common way to deal with a real estate transaction. Because the agent is knowledgeable about real estate, they can help determine the best price, actions for a success, and even provide you with the contracts and paperwork. While this method may seem like the easiest way to sell a house that is not always the case. You are completely dependent on the agent and even if you provide a buyer, the agent will be paid. You could do more than 80% of the work, yet you still have to pay a commission to the agent who did the rest. This can seem unfair to many sellers because many times the listing price has to be lowered to be accommodating to buyers in this market. It may be necessary for you to pay the agent commission out of your own pocket or to balance the lowered price with concessions taken from the overall profit you stand to make. Not only can this feel unfair, it may not be financially possible for you at the time.

An agent is a great option when you are in another city or travel. If you cannot arrange the showings and the questions, the agent can take over and be your representative. Even if you find a buyer, the agent will arrange the showing, the paperwork, and you will feel as though they have done their job and should be paid. If you are not a people-person and do not want to work with other people, you should probably hire an agent to help you.

For Sale by Owner- This option is becoming more and more popular. With the increase in inventory, having an agent that will do their best for your property is getting harder and harder to find. They are swamped with listings but can't devote their time to each one. You may not even be able to get an agent to host an open house. You could easily do the work and use a lawyer for the contracts side of things. The cost of a lawyer for the real estate contracts will be minimal. When you find a lawyer who practices exclusively in real estate law, they will have available contracts and will just merely have to personalize them for your situation. This will take only a couple hours and that price in comparison to a commission for an agent is minimal. You will definitely save money by using this option but if you not around due to work or travel obligations, this is not a good choice for you. When you do a FSBO type of sale, you have to be able to have showings, answer questions, and have the ability to work with potential buyers. If your work or life keeps you too busy, this would not be the preferred method for you.

Investor or Investment Company - This is an option that many people may not consider. There is a fear of the unknown and this process is not as well-known as the traditional ways. Many sellers feel that this option is only for those properties that are "ugly" because they have seen signs stating "we buy houses." In reality, investors like any and all types of houses. If a house is in good condition, they can turn it around in a shorter amount of time and while the profit may not be as large, it can give them leverage for other, future deals. Don't discount this option because you don't know much about it. It can be the fastest way to sell your house and give you the highest dollar amount as well. Just because you use the other methods, you are not guaranteed the listing price you want. You may have to lower the listing price and wait around a lot longer than you had planned. This basically means every day you are losing money so why not start off with an investment company and move on quickly?

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Best Used Cars For Subprime Auto Loans

A subprime auto loan is hard enough to get if the car has enough value to carry the loan. Unfortunately, cars lose an average 47% of their value by the end of their third year. The value is gone, but that does not stop some dealers from trying to sell them for more than their value. That makes it even harder to get a used car loan with subprime credit. Here are a few cars for which it is easier to get a low credit score auto loan approved. This list also takes into account Consumer Reports list of most reliable cars.


Honda Fit
Toyota Echo
Scion xB
Pontiac Vibe
Subaru Impreza

Family Cars

Ford Fusion (FWD)
Mercury Milan (FWD)
Mazda6 (4-cyl.)
Nissan's Altima

The list from Consumer Reports included several other models as well, but, you have to remember, with subprime auto loans, you are not going to be approved for the more expensive models. The sacrifice of buying a smaller car than you might prefer is a modest concession to rebuilding your credit.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Censorship On Magazines And Periodicals

There is just as much variety in magazines and periodicals as there is creativity to come up on with ideas for publications. Magazines and periodicals covers interests ranging from political, business, trade, auto, electronics, computer, fashion, sports, travel, adult and many more. Some magazines and periodicals are more daring than others. Even with sluggish economy, magazines and periodicals are still selling either in print form or on the Internet. Consumers worldwide are never short of choice of magazines and periodicals.

Censorship On Magazines And Periodicals

However, having said that, freedom of speech is not without censorship. There are magazines, periodicals, books and other publications that are on banned. Throughout history and in several countries, books, magazines and periodicals have either been banned or have had to go underground. We expect to see censorship in dictatorships and harsh political regimes, but in the West we are most often under the illusion that free speech is exactly there. This is not the case for magazines and periodicals, except that the West are always questioning where do their fundamental rights to free speech end. They would make public their views to question where do the government and other ruling authorities have the right to intervene and take their rights away.

Censorship In The West

In United States serious hardcore magazines and periodicals have been banned from public viewing. For example, Steve Blush's "The American Hardcore A Tribal History" has been banned in Colorado state prisons. Texas State Prison system has also banned several books, magazines and periodicals. Canada has banned several magazines and periodicals in rent decades.

The counterculture in North America had its heyday in the 1960's and 70's with several underground publications. The Realist for example, spoke out on political issues of the day. However, they ran into financial difficulty and ceased publication in the 1970's. The UK had several publications also mostly defunct today.

Making Their Voices Heard

The aim of censorship is to limit public access especially in schools and libraries. Some of these bans were successful and the magazines and periodicals were taken off the market but some still remained. Some publications that offer a different voice have been forced to go underground. Often times these publications are anti government or anti establishment and are illegal. Yet there is still a segment of the population that is willing and ready to read them. Two Underground publications from Canada are: The Underground Press, from Snow Lake, Manitoba and The Georgia Straight from Vancouver, British Columbia. The Village Voice, an alternative weekly magazine, is arts oriented and speaks out on certain issues as well. This magazine is still publishing.

American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expansion publishes magazine and highlights expositions and events on banned books in the West at their website. Random House Inc also produces a free educational magazine with theme on Censorship and banned books. Censorship is always a fundamental issue at the heart of democratic freethinking societies.

For More Information On Magazines And Periodicals

There are internet sites and publications out there giving great information about magazines and periodicals and how they can influence your life. There are also free eBooks explaining how magazines And periodicals can be of benefit to our everyday lives. These sources offer good advise on magazines and periodicals that are worth your time to read and keep for a long time. some sites even provide comprehensive directory listings on magazines and periodicals with extensive explanation on the different categorization of magazines and periodicals. Spending some good efforts on these areas can definitely go a long way to help us become better informed readers.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mortgage Market In Ireland

Home loan marketplace within Ireland is a top demonstrator associated with mortgage administration in remaining planet. Such as Ireland mortgage loan where the credit is actually secured simply by actual home with the use of home financing take note, customer will be requested to cover monthly installments which can be includes curiosity and also principle quantity. And also, by the end from the mortgage this is the moment once the mortgage arrives a conclusion, the house is assigned to customer. Based upon the particular agreement between your customer and also the loan company attention is set.

Ireland mortgage loan interest rates tend to be at the mercy of marketplace forces which were playing prominent role inside backing and also destabilizing the mortgage industry for greater than 30 years, particularly after the deregulation. Furthermore, mortgage loan interest in Ireland is determined by the danger involved in this we.e. more risky the home loan to cover, increased the eye fee. In the same way, those who are searching for low interest rate rate in Ireland should mortgage loan interest very first given that it ultimately has an effect on the actual range of handing over again the loan in the long run.

Escalating costs regarding properties in Ireland possess inspired the actual home loan industry and for that reason a top interest rate will be charged for home loan inside Ireland. Home loan market inside Ireland provides various types of interest rates which includes fixed rate mortgage loan, caped price mortgage, as well as low cost fee mortgage. In a fixed rate mortgage loan there's regularity within rate of interest provided by loan provider for a arranged period of time that might lengthen to two, Three, Several, A few as well as 10 years which actually is actually susceptible to a partnership involving the borrower and also loan company.

Apart from set interest mortgage loan, a assigned interest home loan is quite well-liked inside the Ireland. Inside a capped rate of interest mortgage loan the financial institution promises to not to boost the interest rate above the actual cap for many time frame. In several techniques a prescribed a maximum rate of interest is like a set fee; nonetheless, variation is always that there is overall flexibility inside reduced and also previously mentioned limitations of great interest price. Inside prescribed a maximum rate of interest mortgage loan, the interest rate is held in between a couple of factors arranged mutually simply by lenders and borrower for time ranging from 24 months to many years. Another type of Ireland home loan rate of interest will be discount rate wherein loan companies arranged margin reduction in the typical adjustable rate which will is actually 2% and set for some time period including 12 months to years mutually decided from the loan company and debtor. A person's eye price about home loan tempts loan companies to be able to give the borrowed funds in order to customer; consequently, it can be regarded as crucial function associated with a mortgage and had it not necessarily been in living perhaps there'd not have been a complete gamut associated with mortgage loan.

In a typical mortgage offer a house customer or even contractor obtains funding both to buy or safe contrary to the house from the loan provider that could both end up being someone or perhaps an start. Furthermore, the borrowed funds can either end up being immediate from your lenders or from the large financial company based upon each case and its particular uniqueness. Based upon your need and also size of mortgage as well as the safety distribution, the interest rate is dependant on lender and also customer about shared knowing.

Loan companies as well as consumers mutually decide upon the size of the borrowed funds, maturity of the bank loan, interest, approach to paying down the borrowed funds, etc. and others. Even though there have been some regulating constraints inside home loan market in Ireland, those restrictions are shadow associated with previous right now and also the marketplace forces in Ireland decide the state of home loan rate of interest. Additionally, given that Early in the eightys, the actual Ireland may be viewing tremendous growth with regards to mortgage offers and competitive interest rates available for consumers.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Balanced Budget: Theory vs Reality

I've long made a joke that credit cards are evil. But that's not true. When a person who is responsible with their money uses them responsibly, they are not evil at all. Try renting a car or making a hotel reservation without one. Credit cards also offer a level of protection when you make purchases. For instance, if you buy something online, and you're unhappy with it, or it's never delivered to you, you have the option of disputing the charges. It can protect you from many of the possible dangers of purchasing something from an unknown company.

The problem is that many of us do not use them responsibly. When my wife went back to school to finish her degree, we were making very little money. We were basically living off student loans and our cards. By the time she got out of school, we had racked up thousands in debt. We were buried with it and finding it difficult to dig our way out. We considered bankruptcy.

We went to a credit counseling service, chopped up our cards, and made monthly payments until we were out of debt. It's a liberating feeling to make that final payment on your cards. We haven't looked back. We no longer use them. If we can't afford it, we don't buy it. We have learned the hard way that we're better off without credit cards. It doesn't make them evil. It just means that we're not responsible enough to use them responsibly. Because of our access to "money" on our cards, we were spending more money than we were making. We were running a budget deficit every year.

Does this remind you of our federal government at all?

Since the early 1960s, our federal government has run budget deficits every year except 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2001. They spend more money every year than they receive in tax revenues.

Many have brought up the idea of a balanced budget amendment. This would force the federal government to balance their budget every year, and eliminate budget deficits.

In theory, I disagree with this approach. But in reality, it needs to be considered.

Why? It's kind of like credit cards. In theory, credit cards are useful and offer purchasing protections for consumers. But in reality, many consumers use them to buy products they cannot afford.

In theory I oppose a balance budget amendment. In times like these when our country is in a recession, or is coming out of a recession, tax revenues to the federal government are down. A balanced budget amendment would force the federal government to reduce services during a time we need them the most.

But reality shows us a different picture. If the federal government ran budget surpluses during the good times, we could trust them to make good decisions and allow them to run budget deficits during the bad times. The problem is that our government does NOT run budget surpluses, even during the good times. They just continue to increase spending in good times and bad.

They are not responsible with our money, and they need to chop up their credit cards. It's time for a balanced budget amendment. It would be good for our country, and ultimately, good for our economy.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Total Environment - The New Age Architectural Design Firm

It's the age of metamorphosis for the real estate developers in India. All the major markets, metros, and class A cities are taking serious efforts to create new townships in and around the given city equipped with better infrastructure and other amenities like quality schools, hospitals, clubs, malls etc. Increase in job opportunities, availability of more land to developers by the state govt., tax incentives to the developers and tax benefits to potential buyers are the prime reasons for this upsurge.

With so many real estate developers in India vying for the coveted projects, it is a rare phenomenon to pick up a trendsetting real estate construction firm. Enter Total Environment one of the few realty developers in recent times to break new grounds in terms of creativity, innovation and structural marvel. Nothing short of a holistic architectural design firm. 11 years back what began as a quiet start with an initial investment of Rs.10000, 4 people and the simple idea of giving Bangalore, buildings that blend with its natural landscape, preserving the charm of the city has come a long way to be counted among the elite architectural design firm of recent times.

Their core strength is the ability to understand and meet the needs of global professionals through innovative concepts, personalized service, total transparency and of course, raising the highest quality buildings corporate and residential. Total Environment has a very unique and innovative approach when it comes to building structures. Focus is always on creating physical environments that are in perfect harmony with its surroundings. Every apartment has a terrace garden that gives the owners their own little patch of outdoors right at home. The use of natural construction materials like wire-cut bricks and exposed form finished concrete, has added a new dimension to building aesthetics. Besides being maintenance-free, these natural materials age beautifully and the passage of time gives them a life and character of their own. They are one of the few construction companies to use the DOKA system of formwork. For the clients, this translates into the assurance of high quality, long lasting and more efficitconstruction.

A 100% growth year after year comes as no surprise from this out-of-the-box architectural design firm.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Capitalism, Past And Present

Discuss capitalism would not be complete when not discussing the ideas of Adam Smith, particularly his ideas contained in his famous book, An Inquiry Into the Nature and Causes of The Wealth of Nations. As has been explained by the quote above, Smith put the freedom, markets and individual interests as the basis for economic concept. Three key concepts that would in turn become the basis for capitalism. There are five basic principles of capitalism, namely:

1. Capitalism is the full recognition of the rights of individual property or an individual with no specific boundaries. Private property rights is the guarantee for the individual concerned to uphold freedom and independence. Individual freedom will become a reality when he justified his own to have a guaranteed without parties or other individuals sued.
2. Capitalism is a recognition of the right of individuals to conduct economic activities in order to enhance socio-economic status.
3. Capitalism implies recognition of a push or economic motivation in the form of the spirit to achieve maximum benefit (profite oriented).
4. Capitalism also includes the affirmation of freedom of competition with other individuals (freedom for competition).
5. Capitalism recognizes the legal validity of the free market economy or the market mechanism (Seda, 1996:272).

Fifth recognition is then a manifestation of the concept of Laissez-faire, Laissez-Passer which is the core of capitalism and liberalism. "Modern Industry never have evolved without any division of labor and capital accumulation both of which were based on self-interest" says Smith.

Before rolling into other problems, it helps if we first discuss the origin of the word capitalism itself.

The terms of capital or capital or Capitale (derived from the Latin: caput, which means it is the head) appears first in the 12th century and 13th century which meant funds, stocks, some money and interest on the loan. Ferdinad Braudel quotes a priest of St. sermon. Bernardino of Siena (1380-1444), "quamdam seminale quam rationem lucrosi cummuniter vocamus capitale" (that is the main cause of prosperity usually capital). These terms refer, more narrowly, the wealth of money a company or a dealer. Berger writes, nouns "capitalist" is probably began in the mid 17th century which refers to the owners of capital. Adams Smith, who had been regarded as the father of capitalism do not use this term, instead he used the term "system of natural liberty."

Warner Sombart was the first to recognize capitalism as a fundamental concept of a system of economic thought in his book, Der Moderne Capitalismus which was published 81 years ago (1921).

In the beginning introduction, the term of capitalism is not getting good response from social science experts, including Karl Marx himself was so excited and enthusiastic about offal dismantle capitalism. The term capitalism is even considered as an expression of a "lot of noise" that needs to removed from the vocabulary of social science experts. It's different with the current condition where the term capitalism has become a kind of "life style icon" for intellectuals. Everyone is talking about capitalism and link (sometimes visible force) with a variety of social phenomena when trying to explain the reality of what happened.

One important point in the discussion of capitalism is to figure out a fundamental characteristic of these systems, as already mentioned above, ie, maximizing individual gains through economic activities that are intended to help the public interest. The principle that applies in the laissez-faire capitalism is, that is a principle that prohibits external authority to intervene in economic affairs. The basis of this principle is thought, that if humans are given the freedom to pursue profit there will be competition with the stability of society will be maintained because there are invisible hands that govern them. Another principle of capitalism is production for profit is intended to increase the capital. With this logic of the capitalist are competing to produce goods as efficiently as possible so that capital can be accumulated and the foundation of the company is getting stronger.

In development since its inception, capitalism has several historical stages. Dillard dividing the stages into three.

The early stage of capitalism (1500-1750). Development of capitalism can not be separated from the development of clothing industry in England in medieval times that is, the wool industry. Wool industry was built on the rural-rural England. Determination of rural areas as a production center, according to Dillard, beneficial for the development of British capitalism because of conflict-avoiding social conflict as happened in Florence in the 14th century and 13th-century Flanders.

Dillard trace, during this "social surplus" obtained is not used to build pyramids and cathedrals but is used to build businesses shipping, warehousing, raw materials, finished goods and various other form of wealth. In addition three other things that support their development is, first, the religious support for their hard work and live frugally. This support comes primarily from Protestant Calvinism and the teachings of Martin Luther King. For teaching the material prosperity of medieval Catholicism is considered "something" dirty. St. Jerome said, "a rich man, if not necessarily the child thief thief". However, the development of trade in the late Middle Ages led to controversy and encourage efforts toward adjustment between theological doctrines with economic reality. In many regions of Europe, Venice, Florence, Augsburn and others, the capitalists violate the spirit and letter of prohibitions against manipulating the flowering of money. Protestant Reformation in the 16th and 17th centuries is also accompanied by economic changes that resulted in the development of capitalism in Holland and England.
Chronological and geographical correlation between this new religion with the growth in the economy to create the impression that Protestantism has a causal significance to the emergence of modern capitalism, although not in any sense the cause of capitalism, the first existing in a broad scope and growing, but ethics Protestants became strong stimulus for the economic order. Revision or interpretation of religious doctrine not only frees the capitalist practices of the sin of greed, but even membari divine support for the way life is.

Second, the effect of precious metal from the New World on the relative distribution of income on wages, profits and rent. Gold and silver from mines in Mexico, Peru and Bolivia to increase European precious metals stocks to seven-fold and increased the prices of up to two or three times in the years 1540-1640. The result is situated on rising prices, causing the landlords hit due sebandingnya not increase rents and increase the cost of living. For the landlords that aggressive, raise rents and apply the practices of capitalistic agriculture is the solution implemented. Inflation is giving birth profits for the capitalists, including traders, industrialists and other employers. In the end, these favorable conditions add to the savings and capital accumulation for them.

Third, the role in helping countries and directly to capital formation in multi-modal forms of capital. Dillard writes that the positive contributions and historical significance of mercantilism that era is the creation of necessary conditions for rapid economic change and cumulative in Western Europe.

Condition of Europe at that time was the same as the conditions of developing countries where the state started the 20th century, cumulative process of economic development. In addition the country also needed to create conditions which could give a proper atmosphere for the operation of such economic activities, providing protection from foreign attack, providing facilities that support transportation, communications and port installations, arrange a suitable legislation for capitalist progress, the creation of domestic markets and tax free other obstacles within the limits of state and others.

Classical capitalism (1750-1914). Start the 18th century there was a shift in the development of capitalism in which the domination of trade in economic activity is replaced by the industry. The domination of capital that had been dominated by trade in capital switched to industrial capital. This is caused by the industrial revolution in England. Adam Smith in An Inquiry Into the Nature and Causes of The Wealth of Nations it is the most influential factor in the development of classical capitalism.

After the French revolution and the wars, Napoleon swept the remnants of feudalism and mercantilism loosen, Smith's policy came into effect. Policies of laissez-faire, laissez Passer (free trade, market mechanisms, a balanced budget and strong financial using the gold standard) is run. In England this system looks at the removal of Corn Laws in 1864.

Applicability of liberalism in European countries is the successful efforts of the bourgeoisie venture capitalists raised to a position for a while very influential. Economically successful political force that eventually generate profitable capitalistic process.

The implementation of free trade in his time period of economic expansion will bring a very large for Europe, with the colonization of Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Advanced phase of capitalism (since 1914-present). In this phase of capitalism is also experiencing rapid growth in its history insanely particularly in social management.

World War I marked a turning point in the development of capitalism in general and Europe khususnya.periode since 1914 witnessed a reversal of public interest to capitalism and the reversal of almost all the tendencies of the pre-war liberals. Sebalum decades of war, capitalism, strong leadership in Europe to run the international economic community. Developing world markets, the gold standard almost become universal, Europe acting as world and European banks became central to increasing the volume of international trade.

But after World War I, the trends change, U-turn. International markets subside, the gold standard was abandoned and the national payment instruments, preferably in a controlled manner, the hegemony of European banks moved to the United States. Regarding the actual displacement of this hegemony has been predicted long ago by Adam Smith:

Starting from shop owners, merchants and their legal experts (American colonists) would become statesmen and legislators and legislators-will be employed to reach a new form of government of a vast empire, which in their beliefs - beliefs which may very true - will be one of the largest and wonderful empire which had existed on this earth.

Of peoples in Asia and Africa that have been used as the colony managed to rise against European colonialism and also added in trade barriers, more and break the European dominance in the world.

Meanwhile capitalism in Eastern Europe began to weaken due to the Bolshevik revolution driven by Lenin. Revolution has been dismantling the principal institutions of capitalist private ownership of means of production over a large area, unload the class structure, the old forms of government and the established religion. Moreover spirit generated by the Russian revolution in less than half a century, managed to appear to challenge the superiority of capitalist organization of production systems. In Western Europe and the shift by abandoning traditional forms of capitalism. Above all, Laissez-faire, the policy into an agreement to the 19th century, had been humiliated by the war and postwar experiences.

With the onset of major depression in the 1930s, the capitalist system that had stood settled, shaken up by the roots. Laissez-faire, said Dillard, suffered a severe blow from the president's New Deal of Franklin D. Roosevelt in the United States. Gold standard collapsed completely, falling stock markets. While in England, which is the home of capitalism, free trade be abandoned. Classical principle of strong financial, annual budget was balanced, in practice and theory is replaced by a planned deficit during depressed economic activity. At the end of World War II, the glorious period of classical capitalism fade with dinasionalisasikannya basic industries, including coal, transport, communications, public interest and the Bank of England by the labor party in power in England.

malaise Passover is the beginning of the welfare-state system that put the country back on its function - although not total as in communist countries. In the welfare-state system of state run social functions for maintaining the stability of capitalism.

Form of capitalism, this type can be seen in the United States, which by Saiful Arif mentioned systems in the United States has several aspects: first, the principle of freedom (freedom) which means free enterprise and invest (free entry in consumption and investment) and limitations on government intervention as well as arrange democratic political model.

Second, the principle of balance (equality). The presence of diffusion between the political and economic power; the same bargaining power between producers and consumers as well as equal opportunity as well as efforts to create equity.

Third, the principle of justice (fairness). Represents an attempt to avoid unfair practices such as workers who do not meet the standard; host relationships and exploitative employers and others.

Fourth, the principle of welfare (welfare). To take into account the allocation and production efficiency. Welfare parameters can be known through government oversight of price stability and efforts to create a condition of employment that is full employment (labor intensive).

Fifth, the principle of sustainable growth (sustainable growth). The indication is the real income growth and technological progress.

Susan George writes, in the year 1945 or 1950, if you seriously offer any ideas and policies that are currently referred to as neo-liberalism, you will be ridiculed on the stage or sent to a psychiatric hospital. In any western countries, at that time, each person is a Keynesian, Social Democratic or Christian-Social-Democratic Party or the Marxist. The idea that markets should be released to manage the public and political policies: an idea which states that countries should voluntarily stay away from the economy, or companies should be given total freedom, that trade unions should be curbed and social guarantees society must be reduced - such ideas felt very strange to the spirit of that era. Although some people approve of these ideas, but they will not hesitate to bring it and will find it difficult to find his audience.

But after the collapse of communism in 1989, the welfare-state is becoming obsolete. Collapse of the welfare-state system has actually been started unreadable since Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan to power and change the existing policy in their respective countries toward neo-liberalism that is often termed Thatcherism and Reagenisme. In the 1990s this condition is intensified with the increasing acceptance of neo-liberalism by most of the world community through the logic of globalization.